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Why did we create EZPrintStore?

For most people printing jargon is like an alien language. Even for very basic products there are lots of specifications and technical words involved and no print shop can take the time to educate customers. So we asked ourselves: How can a random person be able to communicate using the right terms for his printer to understand exactly what he needs? How can anyone without the proper knowledge know how to call the paper thickness, its texture, layout, colors, etc? How can he make sure his printer gets it before the printing machine starts running? This language gap between print shops and their customers has been a flaw that for a long time no one got even near to solve. Until now.


What is our target audience?

Our target audience is anyone who finds troublesome ordering print collateral. We work hard to make visiting our store an enjoyable experience, and we are always open to suggestions to make it even better for you.


Why our customers love us? offers you a straightforward way to order printing materials. It won’t really take you much time from the main menu to the checkout. You can have your own free account, upload your own artwork, see your order history and even re-order your items with just a click. But if you got lost in the way we will be glad to pick up the phone to help you out.