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3 Great Reasons to Use Promotional Flags

ezprintstore promotional flag2 300x300 - 3 Great Reasons to Use Promotional Flags

Promotional feather flags

Promotional flags are a great way to get your brand in front of many people. Flags can express a variety of sentiments. You can make a declaration, advertise, direct traffic, and everything in between. They work great for special events, store advertising, open houses, grand openings, etc. Nowadays, your logo, your brand or any creative design can be printed on an advertising flag easily and economically. Here are three great reasons why you should plant/unfurl your flag and get your message noticed.

1. Promotional Flags are attractive and animated

Promotional Flags have gained a lot of popularity because they are attractive, vibrant and animated. Our brains are wired to notice color, size, and motion. Advertising banner flags offer all these attention-grabbing qualities, which makes them the ideal high-visibility vehicle to display and get your message noticed. Promotional Flags grab more attention than a regular banner because they dance with the wind. Flags come in many different shapes and sizes, including two-sided, teardrop flags, feather flags, and straight flags. Promotional Flags can be produced in any color and in many sizes. You can choose the colors that will make your message stand out and display them brightly on your flag. Or you can let your company logo do the “talking” on your organically animated flag. Flags are a great way to display your most exciting designs, photographs or artwork.

2. Promotional Flags are easy to set up, move and store

ezprintstore nasa flag 300x300 - 3 Great Reasons to Use Promotional Flags

Since the United States was the first nation to set foot on the moon this is probably the most famous promotional flag in the history of mankind. Think about it. – © NASA.GOV

Advertising Flags are also lightweight and easy to set up, move and store. They’re a great investment and come in a great variety of shapes and sizes to satisfy any need. Advertising Flags are digitally printed, using state-of-the-art technology, on digital textiles that can display any logo, color or pattern. Promotional Flags are effective vehicles to display your most vibrant designs, photographs or artwork. Your tailor-made flag is made using improved technology that results in a high-quality product that is durable and more importantly lightweight. Therefore, promotional flags can be folded or rolled and stored or shipped quickly and economically. The growing promotional flag industry offers a great variety of parts, accessories and mounting methods that include cross bases for use on flat surfaces like sidewalks or convention center floors and spikes for lawn flags. Your favorite flag store probably sells flag kits with complete and easy to follow instructions on how to set up your promotional flag.

Some promotional flag designs– like feather flags–don’t need the wind to be effective so they are perfect for use indoors. With such a great variety of accessories and parts, advertising flags can be used anywhere. There are bases for outdoor use that keep the promo flag in place under reasonable winds and simple stands to display your flag indoors. All at prices that are very reasonable.

3. Promotional Flags are versatile and easy to make

ezprintstore promotional flag1 e1532630827747 233x300 - 3 Great Reasons to Use Promotional Flags

Promotional feather flags

Promotional Flags can display any logo, color, or pattern. Getting your design onto the advertising flag is fast and easy. Experts can easily adapt your artwork to your desired flag shape. Your custom-made flag is then printed in water-resistant fabric that can be used in small spaces or outdoors.

Making a promotional flag today involves the same basic methods used to manufacture promotional flags in classical times. It still uses the humble but efficient needle and thread, but flag-making today includes industrial sewing machines, textile printers, digital fabrics and most importantly, skillful seamstresses. Promotional product manufacturers are noticing an increased interest in textile signage, particularly in flags, due to their price, versatility, and efficiency.

There are a couple of easy ways to order a customized promotional flag. You can work directly with a visual marketing expert or you can use an online template, many promotional products companies offer the option of ordering online using a template. Regardless of the way you choose to order your flag, you will need to upload your logo or artwork in the format and resolution the supplier recommends for best results. Although the automated ordering templates yield great results, there are obvious benefits to working with a visual marketing expert. They can help you pick the best option for your project and walk you through each of the steps, so you can order with confidence.

The visual marketing specialists at Top Level Promo / EZPrintStore can offer you a free consultation. We will work with you to help you determine your needs and pick the flag best suited to your project and budget. Go ahead, plant your promotional flag and get noticed.

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